Dramatically improve speaking and listening skills

SpeechPeek is the simplest way to grade spoken language skills and give individualized attention to your students.

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How it works

Create a lesson

Teachers can create speaking homework in just a few minutes tailored to their lesson plan and students aptitude.


Students record their voices

Students log in, and record their voices to complete the speaking exercises.


Listen, grade & comment

As soon as each student completes their homework, teachers can grade and provide individualized and specific feedback to each student.

Why online Speaking Exercises?
Save time

Save Class Time

Individual attention

Individualized attention for each student


Homework and feedback accessible anywhere

  • Class time is precious! Actually teach during class!
  • Provide a safe 'private' environment outside of class for students to practice
  • Give individual comments to each one of your students
  • Record your own voice as 'solutions' to speaking exercises
  • Target specific weak spots for your class
  • Exercises are available 24 hours a day from any internet connected computer
  • Teachers can review homework with any internet connected computer

Humans review speech better than any machine


Tailor lessons to your students


Language Lab in every computer

  • Tired of inconsistent language learning software?
  • Does your language lab program overemphasize some sounds in words?
  • You can provide a much better feedback than any machine
  • Customize lesson plans for your students aptitude
  • You don't have to rely on 'canned' lesson plans
  • Virtually all laptops have a built-in mic
  • Students pick the time and place to work through speaking exercises
What students and teachers are saying
Speechpeek is a dream come true for an ESL teacher. I found it to be very easy to use, and it was an extremely effective way to assess my students' pronunciation skills outside of the classroom. I've tried tape recorders in the past, but many students didn't have one, or if they had one, they would lose the tapes. Speechpeek.com makes tape recorders unnecessary, and allows teachers to correct and improve their students' pronunciation outside of the classroom.
Janice Y. - ESL Professor Nyack College
This site was very helpful for me because I could practice my pronunciation, and you corrected my problems. Besides, I could learn how I can pronouce some words such as "punched, watched". It was so great! Thank you professor! You helped me improve!
Sujin K. - Student
Speechpeek was very helpful to study the pronunciation. Especially, it was very great to check my grade with your comment and recorded voice, so i could understand which part should I practice more. It was very fun and easy homework :)
Choah H. - Student
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