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Listening Comprehension homework is coming

You asked, I’m listening

Listening Comprehension homework is coming

SpeechPeek’s listening comprehension tests will initially be based on ETS’ TOEFL Listening Comprehension Question Formats.

During the test, the student will hear recordings of different talks and discussions. Then, following each audio, the student will hear a question or a number of questions about what the student just heard.

For each of the questions, the student will read the four possible answers and choose the best answer.


Recording of Teacher’s Voice

Remember a team of painters is coming in tomorrow to paint the walls. In this box on my desk are sheets of plastic which I want you to place over your desks. Make sure you cover your desk completely so that no paint gets on your desks. The painting will be completed by the time we return on Monday.


What does the teacher want the students to do?
A. Take everything out of their desks
B. Put the painting supplies in plastic bags
C. Bring paints with them to school on Monday
D. Put covers on their desks to keep the paint off
I'm very excited to deliver this new lesson to you all, so please keep an eye out for an email announcing its release!