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Listening Comprehension has arrived

Listening Comprehension homework is HERE

I’m really excited to share this new lesson with you all!

Since its an all new lesson type, please try it out with a colleague before sending it out to all your students.

As a reminder, SpeechPeek’s listening comprehension tests will initially be based on ETS’ TOEFL Listening Comprehension Question Formats.

Please send me any (good, bad, awful, etc) feedback that you have!  I’m always listening and trying to make things better!

All the best,

Record Teacher Solutions for Homework

Students can now hear recorded teacher “solutions” for each homework.  These solutions will only be available when the student is reviewing their grades after homework submission.

In order to provide students with teacher recorded solutions, teachers should:

  • Create a speaking lesson
  • Click on the homework link
  • Complete the homework by recording and completing each exercise

And that’s it!

Then when students are reviewing their graded homework, they will see a new set of play buttons on the right, which will play the teacher’s recordings.

ESL Teacher solutions for speaking lesson homework.

Automatic Saving While Grading

Speechpeek now saves automatically as you grade your speaking lessons, so you never lose a grade or comment for your students.

Additionally, the student list now shows you a student “status”:

The statuses are:

  • Homework Incomplete:  Student has started the homework, but has yet to record an attempt for each speaking exercise
  • Homework Completed: Student has recorded attempts for each exercise and is awaiting grading.
  • Graded: Student has finished all exercises and each attempt has a grade.